Aluminum alloy welding rods – easy to use approach to make high quality joints

Aluminum brazing rods allows non-professional user to make cheap repairs in aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals, using just handyman gas torch. Even for those experienced in welding steels, welding aluminum can hard and need expensive welder machine (more hear). You can use any heat source that will heat the metal to about 730 °F , and base metal will not disfigure. Aluminum welding rod is stronger than base aluminum alloy.

Zn-Al welding rods will work with butane oxyacetylene or any heat source as long as the material is brought up to 732 Farenheit. You need to preheat the components, to test the correct temperature, rub the end of a rod onto the work, if the rod will flow when working temperature is reached. In any case don’t place the rod onto the flame, or the weld won’t be strong enough.

The main advantage of using Zn-Al welding rods is a low temperature. With it you don’t need expensive equipment, just MAPP torch. TIG machine could burn through if your base metal is thin, make sluggish weld and ruin the surface details, aluminum welding rods make clean and precise repairs. Aluminum-zink brasing rods can be used with Oxyacetylene, Propane hand torch and works with almost all non-ferrous metals.

You will not get appropriate results on stainless steel, also they are not intended to use with zamac or mazac. Base area of the joint needs to be thoroughly cleaned from surface oxides and oil. Heat the area to be weld evenly, and just after it, rub the rod vigorously against the heated piece until the rod flows and wet the base metal.

And some final tips. Pre-tinning helps to achieve best results. Heat and cover with aluminum welding rod both surfaces Remove pores and bubbles with brush, in this case you can use direct flame on alloy. With sides thoroughly tinned, assemble the details and flow in enough rod to fill the vee. The use of appropriate flux paste will make your results better, but you should choose the right one which corresponds to the working temperature (aluminum welding rods).

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