Welders and Plasma Cutters Combo Welding Machines Review 2020

Plasma cutters slice metal with quick and clean cuts. Such machines are really useful tools for cutting sheet metal. With a plasma cutter, you can cut carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, titanium, cobalt, magnesium, copper, and cast iron. Plasma cutting provides numerous advantages. It does not require a preheat; cuts faster; produces more precise and a small kerf, and affects a smaller width of the metal being cut. As a result, surrounding area warps less.

Some welders always prefer to have a separate unit dedicated to an each task. Having separate TIG, stick welders and plasma cutter will ensure that if even one unit breaks, they can still get jobs done. But if you’re a weekend welder, a combination unit may be the best for you, especially taking into account the price of plasma cutters.

Welders and Plasma Cutters are units that combines usually three devices in one – TIG welder, stick (arc) welder and plasma cutter.


2015 Everlast PowerPro 256S 250a Tig Stick Pulse 60a plasma cutter Multi Process Welder

Everlast PowerPro 256S 250a Tig Stick Pulse 60a plasma cutter Multi Process Welder

Detailed manual is here

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Part Number
PowerPro 256
Item Weight
93 pounds
Product Dimensions – 22 x 17 x 9 in.
Item model number PP256S
Color Green
Power Source ac/dc
Voltage 240 volts single phase
Amperage Capacity 250AWith 60% Duty Cycle it has output:

  • TIG – 200A/18V
  • Stick – 160A/26.4V
  • Plasma – 60A/104V

Short review

Everlast was founded in 2004 in San Francisco, it is an investment Co with almost no ability to service machines. Welders made in China. The quality of the Everlast machines is usually high. US support team works well, some problems with will be solved fast (such elements as defective pedals, torches will be replaced quick). But if serious problems occur, you will send a machine to China and wait.

To my mind, Everlast machines are a nice choice for a hobbyist. You’ll have DC/AC Tig and SMAW (stick) with plasma cutter for the price of a good separate cutter.

The machine has stable TIG arc. Included water cooled TIG torch is a little heavy, but allows weld at high amp range for a long time. And you have an option to downgrade/sidegrade to a smaller torch.

Plasma torch – iPT-60,  Chinese licensed version of the TecMo PT-60. Torch generally works likes Hobart 50A, but IMHO re-lights and lights up faster, and cuts more evenly thicker slabs.

Lotos CT520D Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine, 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter, 200A TIG/ Stick Welder, Dual Voltage 220V/110V

Lotos CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter, 200 AMP Tig and Stick/MMA/ARC Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine, ½ Inch Clean Cut, Brown

Detailed manual is here

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50 A Plasma Cutter
200 A TIG Welder
200 A STICK Welder Weight – 32lbs
Input voltage 110-220 V, 1-PH, 50/60  Hz Duty cycle 60%:

  • Plasma cutting torch 50 A, 12.5 ft.
  • TIG welding torch 200 A 12.9 ft.
  • Arc/Stick clamp 200 A 6.5 ft.
  • Argon regulator 0-250 psi
  • Air regulator 0-150 psi

Output current
10-50 A @220V
10-25 A @110V

Short review

Lotos is in California and imports machines from China.

Lotos CT520D will run on 110 or 220v, it is more efficient at 220V. TIG welder’s output is DC, does not have AC output. For aluminum welding better to use TIG AC output. To weld aluminum with DC a lot harder. It comes with 1/16 tungsten electrode, you can use any one less than 3/16″.

Plasma cutter easily cut 1/2 inch aluminum. The maximum thickness for metal of this machine is 3/4 inch.

Ground Cable is short, combo doesn’t come with the pedal. There is no 120 plug (another $35). TIG hose is not flexible.
Plasma cutter doesn’t have a pilot arc, so you might have to touch off to get it to work. Argon regulator/flow meter, and plasma compressor regulator seems cheap. These components should probably be upgraded.

Machines price is below $500 and  additional expenses are not too high. If you are doing DC only, for the price, the performance of this machine is good.

Our rating


  • 220V/115V
  • Hand carrying weight at 32lbs
  • 50Hz / 60Hz single phase
  • Built in Air Guage
  • 3 year Warranty

Short review

PrimeWeld is UK company, machines are made in China. 1 year warranty, company pay shipping both ways.

TIG welder DC only, for aluminum welding better to use AC machine. Comes with air regulator, argon one is not included.

Better to run the machine at 220V, especially in plasma cutter mode.

This is a good price machine to start with.

The all new PowerPro and PowerUltra line of multi-process TIG/ Stick/ Plasma Cutter units from Everlast has been created to fill the huge market gap in affordable multiprocess units that handle both welding and cutting.  The PowerPro units feature advanced AC/DC Tig pulse, Stick, and plasma cutting functions, for welding and cutting any metal, including aluminum.  The PowerUltra, offers basic DC tig, stick and plasma functions for welding steels and stainless steels, while offering cutting ability to cut any metal.  All models are lightweight IGBT inverter based designs which offer good duty cycle performance at rated amperages.  All units come fully equipped with TIG, Stick and Plasma Torches as well as basic starter consumable kits for Tig and Plasma functions.  All you’ll need is an electrical plug, argon gas, an air compressor and package tungsten and you will be ready to cut or weld when you receive your unit.

The MultiProcess Welder is a premier tool in the welding industry.  If you want a welder that can do it all, consider the benefits of the MultiProcess Welder.  This advanced tool is capable of performing all of your cutting and welding needs and will save you a trip to the power supply.  The MultiProcess Welder will save you both time and money.  These portable pieces of machinery provide flexibility and advanced capabilities that will optimize work-flow and accommodate your needs in the welding industry.

If you are looking for great welding in one versatile piece of equipment, the all-in-one MultiProcess Welder is for you.  These welders can withstand even the harshest environments at a variety of different modes.  Most MultiProcess Units on the market can operate at either a constant current or a constant voltage.  This means you can handle several different processes with just one product.  In terms of the out-of-pocket investment, you save money when you choose a MultiProcess Welder.  Because these welders are extremely reliable, you will not have to make the investment again for years if your keep your welder maintained.



There’s no use in a tool that you can’t use in your shop or at home. 27 amp output plasma cutters can  be plugged typically into a 110V outlet and have a limited cut rate in the 1/8″ to 1/2″ range. For cutting a thicker range usually, will run with 220V at higher amperage.

Some plasma cutters y can run off a generator. But you need to be sure that your machine is able to handle generator’s dirty power with voltage fluctuations. There’s a chance your combo could shut down or even break in the middle of a job.

Buying a name brand unit, such as a Lincoln Electric or Miller Electric combined unit, will give you long-term durability and the best results.

My choice for hobbyists – The Everlast PowerPro 256 series combo unit, that has proved itself to be a high quality plasma cutter. It also perfect TIG welds aluminum and steel.


4 thoughts on “Welders and Plasma Cutters Combo Welding Machines Review 2020”

  1. I have been welding my whole life, and I absolutely love 2015 Everlast PowerPro machine. I was actually just going to buy a plasma cutter but after some serious thought, I decided on this machine since I also wanted to tig aluminum. And this is by far the best TIG welder I have ever done, you will be amazed what you can do with it.

  2. Does anyone have any experience with a Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine, 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, 200A TIG/ Stick Welder Dual Voltage 220V/110V? I am a novice welder and see that this is an ecomonical machine. Any thoughts?

  3. I’ve bought that one – http://amzn.to/2BDw05k

    I am in the learning stages, and I was at first quite impressed.
    The plasma cutter works fine, stick welder too, and I found that striking an arc with this machine is pretty easy. I have not tried tig yet. I’m sure it will be fine.

    Now the cons:
    Regarding the Plasma: it “can” severance cut up to 1″ steel. But in my experience, it cuts up to 3/8″ very well and can’t penetrate 1/2″.
    The consumables are not so cheap. (About a $100 for a set of 15 nozzles).
    Regarding the Stick welder: welding leads are barely usable length, I’ll buy another with at least 10 extra feet.

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