Clarke WE6441 MIG Welder

The Clarke WE6441 MIG Welder offers outstanding versatility in any environment you put it to use.  It’s a 120v welder so the places it can be put to work are endless – including running it off a generator where there’s no power available.  Work up to 20 feet away from the unit for maximum convenience with a welder that’s light enough to take with you to where the work needs to be done.  It has MIG and Flux core capabilities for all the welding tasks you come across.

Clarke WE6441 135SG Fluxcore/MIG Spool Gun Welder
Clarke WE6441 135SG Fluxcore/MIG Spool Gun Welder

Clarke WE6441 Details
With this powerful unit you can tackle tough welds on steel, stainless steel and aluminum up to ¼”.  Add the optional regulator and gas hose and easily turn the Clarke WE6441 into a dynamic MIG welder.  Its compact design and light weight makes it a good option for work under vehicles, on ladders, equipment or scaffolding, or in other tough to get to spots.  It works just as well out on the job site as it does in the garage or shop.

This spool gun welder offers excellent wire speed control for precision welding with little mess or splatter.  The 4 heat settings deliver the right temp for each and every job on your list.  When you want to change from Fluxcore welding to gas shielded welding just switch two wires, add the hookups and hose for gas and go.  It couldn’t be more convenient.  This welder uses the Hot-Shot style spool gun from Clarke that handles a maximum solid wire of .023 inches and a maximum cored wire of .035 inches.  Minimum output is 60 amps while the maximum is 85 amps.  Total amps is 130 and the duty cycle is 40% at 60 amps.

Warranty Information:

The Clarke WE6441 gas/no-gas welder is backed by a 10-year limited warranty on the transformer and a 2-year limited warranty on all other parts.  That’s one of the top warranties currently offered on welders in this class.

This is a light to medium duty welder that is right at home in a wide variety of settings. Its portability and 120 volt operation make it a popular choice for homeowners and contractors.  You’ll find it tackles most home/garage repairs with ease, from work on trailers to exhaust pipes and more.  On the ranch or farm it will go to work on all kinds of equipment, gates, trailers and more.  The body shop owner will discover it has the guts to get body work done while being controlled enough to not risk doing damage to thin sheet metal parts.   It’s this kind of utility that has made the Clarke WE6441 a best seller.

When you’re looking for power and portability combined in a quality welder that won’t back down, the Clarke WE6441 is a unit worth a serious look.


  •      Clarke WE6441 MIG Welder
  •      120 Volt Fluxcore with gas/no-gas capability
  •      130 amp high capacity with 4 settings
  •      200 Amp ground clamp
  •      Hot Shot spool gun from Clarke
  •      Wire diameters: .023 and .035 maximums
  •      Electric – corded, 20 foot
  •      Warranty: 10-year limited warranty on rectifier and transformer; 2 years on all other parts

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