Clarke WE6524 MIG Welder

Clarke has a reputation for making solid, reliable equipment with a proven track record of performance and ease of use!

The Clarke WE6524 MIG Welder is a 240 volt Fluxcore – MIG welding kit that finds its way into all kinds of shops and garages.  It’s a MIG Welder that has the power to tackle industrial welding jobs, and many automotive/body shops wouldn’t be without this diverse welding kit.  DIY enthusiasts find the  MIG Welder to be an asset in a wide variety of projects around the house, farm, garage, ranch, tool shed or shop.  It demonstrates superior design and construction which makes it easy to use and incredibly safe for almost any application.

In this MIG welder review, we take a closer look at the Clarke WE6524. Please share your own opinions at the bottom.

Clarke WE6524 Details
This dynamic Clarke welder has the capabilities to weld steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum and can easily be converted to a gas welder with the addition of a gas regulator, which is available as an accessory.  This versatile welder puts total control into your hands with 6 settings that give you from 30 to 180 peak amps of power.  Every job gets the customized power needed to do it right without damaging vulnerable parts like thin sheet metal car panels.  The easy to handle Tweco style torch is equipped with responsive on/off safety control, while the unit, you and your project are all safeguarded by the safety thermal overload protection.  The unit is fan-cooled for best performance and longevity.

The nuts and bolts of the Clarke WE6524 MIG Welder include a full 20-foot power cord that lets you get to every job more easily.  The sturdy unit is made with a heavy-gauge steel cabinet which protects it from the inevitable challenges of the shop or job site. Wheels and a cart handle add mobility when working around a vehicle or when the welder is needed at another work station or location.  This Clarke welder comes complete with a MIG gun that easily handles materials with a diameter of .023 inches to .035 inches and can drop a bead up to ¼” per pass.  Use what’s most convenient – mini-spools or the 11 lb. spools.  You’ll appreciate the solid state electronic heat control that is driven by a PC board to offer you the greatest wire speed control on every job.

Warranty Information:

This gas/no gas welder is backed by a rock solid warranty.  The transformer and rectifier of the Clarke WE6524 MIG Welder is covered for 10 years while everything else is backed for two years, coverage as good as most manufacturers of MIG welders offer.

This MIG welder is a good choice for DIY welders looking for an affordable, versatile and portable welder that will handle a wide variety of applications.  If you use equipment, trailers, stock fencing or gates that require periodic welding, if you do light body work or weld aluminum, this is an outstanding welder to consider.   It’s ease of use also makes the Clarke WE6524 MIG Welder a good choice for new welders and experienced pros.

Put the Clarke reputation for quality and performance to work wherever you need things welded.  This is a dynamic welder that offers you the power you need to handle tough welds and the portability required to get to them easily.


  •   Clarke WE6524 MIG Welder
  •   240V Fluxcore—MIG
  •   180 AMP high capacity with 6 settings
  •   Tweco-style torch
  •   Wire diameter .023 to .035 inches
  •   Up to  ¼” weld in one pass
  •   Electric – corded: 20 foot
  •   Warranty: 10-year limited warranty on rectifier and transformer; 2 years on all other parts


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