Why we like pancake welding hood and what it’s gains and cons

Pancake is attributed to the shape of the hood, its front is fairly thin and oval (https://wendyspancakes.net/). Relying upon whether the welder is right or left-handed, helmet would come with a shield on one side. The pancake welding hood are extremely thin to reduce their weight and build with light balsa wood. There are many variations of the welding masks in the shops, and they can be used for various types of welding processes.

Sarge, Original Pancake and Wendy are the most recognizable and popular brands of the pancake hoods. Wendy’s welding hoods are one of the best in the market from a pool of varieties of diffident kinds of helmet. The Original Pancake brand hood is more flexible and less likely to break than the other brands that use balsa gusset pieces to secure the ear guard

It is great if you work when the sun is beaming in the sky, the sealed balsa block provides the best glare-free vision possible. The hood has a very good airflow which is very important when you work in the summer on the south. Thanks to the lightweight design pancake welding hood is really easy to wear and work in awkward positions for hours. Last, for most masks it is possible to use an electronic darkening lens or flip-up lens, which makes the hood even better.

In regard to materials the helmet made out of balsa wood, pine and from carbon fiber. The balsa block makes a box around the eyes to convenient fixation of the hood and seal-out all the light which may be reflecting from the lens. Without reflections from the electric arc, sun, or another welder you can avoid glares and work without any issues.

The most pancakes are used by pipeline welders, they make long welds and don’t distract to cleaning, grinding, etc. But for example, welders that deal mostly with automobile fixes make short joints and then readjust parts, measure distances, hammering, etc. In that case pancake is not so convenient. Auto-darkening lens save the situation and you can even work with pancake everywhere.

Ending For an outdoor welder who needs to weld for long hours pancakes are the best: not feel heavy on the head, minimize the amount of light that reflects from the lenses, and protect from dust and dirt (pancake welding hood). The balsa block also stabilizes the lens of your helmet perfectly and since you adjust it yourself, there is nothing like comfort. Pancake hoods should be OSHA-approved, but not all are, make sure you purchase a hood from a reputable source, such as Sarge’s, Wendy’s or Original pancake.