Lincoln K2403-1 Power MIG 350 Welder

What welder do you reach for when you need it all?  The Lincoln K2403-1 Power MIG 350 Welder might be the right choice.  It is loaded with today’s most innovative welding technology and won’t become obsolete any time soon because it has the capability to download future waveforms of advanced welding processes as they become available.

This 230 volt high capacity welder can do it all: Flux core, MIG, pulsed MIG, TIG, stick and advanced processes like pulse-on-pulse and Lincoln Electric Power Mode.  The features of this powerful machine offer unlimited capability to weld anything that comes your way.  These include Lincoln Chopper Technology that puts total control over the welding arc and power into your hands.  The Pulse-on-pulse mode offers state of the art cleaning functionality for welding aluminum and delivers a TIG-style look to the completed bead.

In Power Mode you’ve got the enhanced ability to keep a stable, controlled arc for short-arc welding on thinner metals and better arc length control when aluminum is your material.  The Syngeric Control mechanism is pre-programmed for various procedures so you can set up the welder for each task with just one switch.

The wire drive on the Lincoln K2403-1 Power MIG 350 Welder is durable, tough cast aluminum and is equipped with a numeric tension indicator that is easy to adjust, brass to brass gun connections, dual drive wire rolls and Lincoln’s split-wire guide system.  When you are working with aluminum you’ve got options: Use a push/pull gun, a straight push gun or choose a spool gun.  The MIG 350 comes ready for all 3 without any PC additions required.

Lincoln K2403-1 Power MIG 350 Details
This heavy-duty welder has the guts to get the heavy work done quickly and correctly.  The rated output/duty cycle is 300 amps @ 60% with input current of 76/64/37/29A.  The output range is adjustable from 5 to 350 amps.  Choose cored wire from .035 to .045.  The Lincoln Magnum 300 gun sports a 15’ reach and includes a gas hose and regulator.  The unit has a 230 volt power cord with plug and a 115 volt AC auxiliary receptacle for accessory tools you may be using.  The large storage compartment with tool tray can be locked for security.

Lincoln is one of the most innovative companies in the industry, striving to make your job easier and your welds stronger and more precise every time.

Warranty Information

Lincoln Electric offers 7-year coverage on main power rectifiers, 3-year coverage on wire feeders, and 90-day coverage on gun and cable assemblies.

This powerful welder is chosen wherever heavy welding takes place.  It’s a mainstay in fabrication shops, auto-body repair garages, muffler shops, hot rod and bike shops, and on the factory floor.  It is fully equipped to handle every aspect of repair and fabrication – an all in one welder that won’t back down from any job.


  • Lincoln K2403-1 Power MIG 350 Welder
  • 230 volt flux core and MIG, plus pulsed MIG, TIG, stick, pulse on pulse, and more
  • Input current: 76/64/37/29A
  • Variable settings from 5 to 350 amps
  • Duty Cycle/Rated Output: 300 volts @ 60%
  • Material thickness: up to ½”
  • Wire diameter .035 to .045
  • Electric: Corded
  • Weight: 255lb
  • All in one kit
  • Warranty: 7-year coverage on main power rectifiers, 3-year coverage on wire feeders, and 90-day coverage on gun and cable assemblies.

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